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$3,000 price tag for man who tried to buy Amazon men’s shoes

A Florida man is suing his former employer, a large online retailer, for $3.5 million over claims he tried to purchase men’s athletic apparel.

David Scott Moore, 40, said in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that his former company, Belkin Inc., did not provide adequate training to his new boss and he was fired for attempting to purchase athletic shoes at an online marketplace called Amazon.com.

The lawsuit claims Belkin did not properly train Moore, who now works at a construction company.

Belkin is not named in the lawsuit.

Moore has asked for more than $1 million in damages and for punitive damages.

The suit was filed in the state’s Court of Appeal in Orlando, which was the first to hear the case.

The judge is scheduled to consider Moore’s request at a scheduled hearing next month.

A spokesperson for Belkin declined to comment on the lawsuit and the case has not been confirmed by the court.

Moore had been with Belkin since 2013.

The company has been under fire for alleged gender discrimination against its female employees.