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How to get the perfect dress code

Men’s body grooming is a very big deal in Italy.

The country has the highest number of men’s bodies per capita in Europe, but the number of male bodies in shops has remained static.

But in 2017, the country introduced a new code of conduct aimed at tackling the issue of “body grooming”.

It is part of a wider push to tackle the issue in Italy, where one in five women is said to be affected by the grooming issue.

Here are the key points:1.

Body grooming is not acceptable in most shops1.

The code of behaviour requires shops to have a dress code of no more than one pair of pants.

This includes a waistcoat and a t-shirt2.

Men’s bodies are not covered by the code of the day, nor are they allowed to wear clothes with a large gap between the front and back of the garment3.

A dress code is required for men who have been diagnosed with cancer.

It states that they are not allowed to attend public functions, or to be in the vicinity of children.

This can mean wearing a mask to avoid being seen as being in the presence of children4.

No-one is allowed to take a selfie or make a picture with their body5.

Men can not wear tight pants for any reason.

This is because they have a “skinny” body, which is a type of body that is not as skinny as the average man’s.

This applies to women as well6.

Clothing must be clean, and no-one should touch or use the skin of another person.

The law says that “any person who has been exposed to the skin or mucous of another will be held liable for damages”7.

No one should be allowed to use a camera to take pictures with their own body.

This rule also applies to smartphones, but can also apply to cameras that have been used in filming a video8.

No clothes in public are allowed for men, as they do not fit well with the style of the body, and can be seen as “distracting”.

This applies both to men and women9.

Men cannot be seen with their hands on their body10.

Women must cover up, and must cover their hair at all timesThe code of ethics for shops is based on the International Standard on Cosmetic Products, but has been criticised by the Italian Parliament as a form of “political correctness” that does not take into account the health of the public.

It is also unclear whether the code applies to men, but some of the items in the code have been seen as revealing for women.

Here is a guide to what the code says:1, The Code of Ethics for Men:1) “No one is allowed: to use any device or instrument to take photos with the skin, hair, hands or face of another.”

This means that anyone caught filming can face fines of up to 500 euros ($580)2) “Everyone must not be allowed in the same place or in the public, even if they are in a private space.”

This includes any person filming the event with a camera or using a smartphone3) “The use of a camera, microphone or other electronic device in a public place, regardless of its function, is prohibited.”

The code specifically says that this includes filming in a supermarket or an office, but does not apply to filming in public4) “Anyone who is in possession of a photo or video that shows the naked body of another is subject to a fine of up