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How to get your feet wet in the Wisconsin basketball calendar

WISCONSIN — It’s a new year, and the state of Wisconsin is on a tear.

Its women’s basketball team has won two NCAA titles and has made a national title run.

The men’s program is averaging 26.6 wins per season, including seven NCAA Tournament appearances.

But the Badgers have also become a national leader in college basketball’s most lucrative league, earning an average of $3.1 million per season from the NCAA Tournament.

The money is the same as in the NBA and is among the highest salaries in college sports.

It’s not all about basketball.

A recent survey of the top 100 earners in college athletics found the men’s and women’s teams earned the most money and earned more per student than the men and women combined, according to data from USA Today Sports.

In the past, women’s college basketball has attracted a more mainstream audience, which has allowed the sport to remain profitable despite rising salaries for players and coaches.

A study published in July by The Atlantic magazine, for instance, found that the median annual salary of women’s players in the NCAA was $2.7 million and men’s was $4.3 million.

The study did not calculate the median salaries for other college sports such as men’s lacrosse and men�s golf.

The NCAA Tournament, which begins March 6, pays the top-ranked teams in the country a minimum of $1.8 million per tournament.

The top five teams will earn more than $3 million, while the bottom two will earn less.

That money can be used to pay coaches and players, including for uniforms, travel, merchandise and other expenses.

It can also help pay players’ housing, food, transportation and other living expenses.

Players and coaches have been paid more than any other class of college athletes.

In 2019, the average male student-athlete earned $17.1 to $23.9 million, according a USA Today analysis of salary data from 247sports.

The average female student-ethnics earned $15.4 to $20.4 million.

For the past four years, the men�n basketball team led the country in income, according the Associated Press.

The national ranking has increased each of the past two years.

The Badgers are averaging nearly $9.5 million per game this season, which is the highest of any Big Ten team, according ESPN.

A recent study by USA Today found that, on average, the median male student earned $19,800 annually and the median female student earned about $15,600 annually.

That means a player in the men`s basketball program makes about $19.2 per hour.

The women`s team earns about $17 per hour, according USA Today.

The average wage for a men�d basketball player in 2019 was about $8,500 a month, according NCAA data.

The men� men� basketball team also won a Big Ten Tournament bid and has earned the second-highest income in the league.

The school also is No. 1 in the nation in per-attendance revenue per student, according Toon Sports.

It has about 1,000 full-time employees and has a $1 billion budget, according US News & World Report.

The university and its athletic department are owned by the state.

The Big Ten has the rights to televise all games.