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How to order a pair of men’s shoes without paying for the men’s hoops

More men’s apparel options on the way, with women’s apparel and accessories expected to expand as well. 

A few months ago, for example, the Men’s Wearhouse announced that it was adding two more men’s styles to its range, including a “high-top” model with a “coupe silhouette” and “skirt-style” men’s shorts.

Now, in a nod to the fashion industry’s growing emphasis on men’s clothing, Nike is adding two new styles of mens shorts to its Men’s Select collection.

The new men’s style is called the “High-Top” and features a “straight edge” design.

Nike also announced this morning that it would release a new pair of the mens styles in the fall.

In addition to the men, the Nike Men’s Shorts line includes a variety of women’s clothing and accessories, including women’s sneakers, women’s underwear, men’s socks, and women’s shoes.

The Men’s Nike Shorts collection is comprised of two styles: the “Hi-Top,” which has a straight edge design; and the “V-Shirt,” which features a skirt-style design.