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New Tokyo Men’s Club website opens with exclusive lookbook

This year, the Tokyo Men and Women’s Club is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

The club is launching its new website with a collection of men’s shoes that is exclusively designed for women.

The collection, called “the men,” includes the new “Men’s Plaid Pants” and “Men’s Shoes,” both of which feature the new Men’s Placard Pants.

There are also several women’s shoes, including “Men & Kids’ Shoes” that are exclusive to women.

“The Men’s Shoes,” for example, feature the iconic Men’s Bootie and the “Men in Plaid” colorway, which will be available on the men’s “Men Club” collection.

The men’s footwear collection is limited to 10 pairs per month, but the site promises that you can buy up to 60 pairs for as little as ¥30,000 ($2,300).

If you’re interested in the men, you can order from the site, but you’ll have to be a member of the club to buy the men.

The site is also offering a free download of the men from April 21 through April 28, 2017, which is a good way to show your support for the club.

If you want to find out more about the men and women’s club, be sure to check out the website or watch the trailer below.