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Nike’s new Nike Air Max 1 shoes could be ready in August

Nike has been releasing new Nike Zoom shoes and the new Nike RunMax sneakers.

The shoes were revealed earlier today.

The Nike Zoom 1 is a “full-on sneaker with a minimalist design,” according to Nike.

It’s a “high-performance shoe with an ultra-flexible design that gives you a more comfortable fit.”

The Zoom 1, which will go on sale on August 15, features a pair of mesh inserts that are designed to help protect the foot during running.

It will also be available in three colorways, which are green, navy blue, and red.

It also comes in a variety of materials.

The Zoom 2 is a new shoe that will be available on August 16.

It comes in three colors: white, dark grey, and black.

The Zoom 2 will come in three sizes: 6-11, 11-14, and 14-16.

The Nike Zoom 2 also comes with a midsole.

The new Nike Shoes 2 are “fully waterproof and made with breathable mesh to help keep you cool during intense workout sessions,” according the Nike website.

These shoes are also “capable of supporting an athlete’s core and core stability.”

Nike says these shoes are designed with an all-around support system that helps “maximize performance, support the lower leg and core, and help improve blood circulation.”

It’s worth noting that the Zoom 2 sneakers have a price tag of $150.

The $200 Zoom 2 sneaker will be released on August 18.

The Adidas Zoom 3 is a $100 Nike Zoom shoe, which comes with four different colors.

It features a midfoot and outsole, which is made from a “non-breathing rubber that helps improve traction and support,” according Adidas.

The Adidas Zoom shoes are “capacitive and will help keep your feet dry.”

Adidas also offers the Zoom 3 as an “interactive shoe.”

It’s “capably designed for use in both indoors and out.”