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The Washington Post reports on a new study that shows men’s sneakers are still the most popular footwear for men, but women’s shoes are more popular

Danner’s men’s shoe brand is the No. 1 men’s footwear brand for the third straight year.

The American Academy of Footwear & Beauty (AAFPB) says that women’s footwear has been trending up in recent years.

However, that trend may have started in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when men’s shoes were more popular for athletic purposes, such as training.

The AAFPB said that men’s performance footwear sales are increasing year over year, which is a great sign for sales growth, but that women are still experiencing a slower increase.

Women also don’t tend to buy men’s athletic footwear until after they’re already a big seller.

Men’s footwear sales rose 12% in 2016, and women’s sales increased 13% from 2016 to 2017, according to the AAFPBs latest figures.

Women’s footwear is still more popular in 2017 than in 2016.

For example, in the U.S. Men, women’s and women-only sales grew 11% and 15% respectively, and both women and men sold sneakers during the holiday season.

Men in particular have been buying men’s running shoes during the past couple years.

According to the Uptown Shoes website, Men’s running shoe sales are up 24% from 2015, while women’s were up 25% from 2014.

A more recent study by the Upright Citizens Brigade also shows that men have been the most-popular footwear brand since 2013.

In that year, men’s sales were up 30%, and women were up 13%.

The AAIFB said men’s fashion footwear sales grew 12% from 2013 to 2017.

That was more than double that of women’s, which was up 21%.

“In addition, the AAIFBs research shows that women continue to prefer casual casual wear in general, with more women choosing casual casual shoes than men,” the AAIB said.

“A trend in casual casual footwear sales has continued to gain traction since the last decade.”

It is no secret that men are increasingly spending more time at home.

The AAIFs research also shows a similar trend.

In 2015, men spent 4.5 hours a day on the couch and 6 hours on the job, up from 3.8 hours and 5 hours, respectively, in 2013.

Men’s footwear purchases were up 8% from last year, but they were still down from the previous year.

Men were still the biggest buyers of men’s walking shoes.

Men also tend to go for shoes that are designed for walking, with women’s running and women, men and kids shoes being the top sellers.

Women’s shoe sales were down 11% from a year ago, while men’s were down 5%.

Women’s sneakers were the top seller in 2017, with men’s going up 20% from the same year last year.

The most popular men’s brands are Nike, Converse, Adidas and Converse All Stars.

Nike’s sneakers, the most well-known, are the most expensive, but are still a popular choice.

Adidas, the second most popular brand, is the second least popular, with sales falling 5%.

The Uprights are also the third-most-popular men’s brand, behind Converse and Nike.

The most-used men’s and men’s casual footwear brands are Adidas, Concept, Adidas, Nike, Shoe Palace, Tod’s and Zappos.