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What the men’s hoops team looks like in the new Adidas colorway

The men’s men’s khaki is here.

Adidas is releasing the mens khaki, a new colorway of their basketball uniforms.

It is the first time Adidas has released a men’s version of their men’s uniform.

This is not the first men’s team to debut a new uniform.

Last year the Houston Rockets did a preview for the NBA All-Star Game with a look similar to this look.

The Houston Rockets have worn khakis for years and wore the men from the NBA. 

But this new look is different.

It is not just a nod to the NBA, but it is a nod in design and branding to the men.

 Adidas is going for a new look that looks at home on any basketball court. 

It is a modern, retro look that pays homage to the classic look of the 1970s. 

“The men’s style is one of the most recognizable in the history of the NBA,” said Adidas President and CEO Herbert Dieng.

“It is timeless and timeless.” 

The mens Khaki is made from a blend of synthetic fibers, nylon and polyester.

The material is soft, breathable and flexible. 

The khaki has been worn by NBA players for more than 25 years, but Adidas has been keeping its eye on the younger crowd.

The new mens version is expected to be worn by the Houston Astros in the upcoming NBA All Star Game.

It is still not clear when Adidas will release the new men’s design. 

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