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What’s going on with Men’s Tactical shorts?

TechCrunch – 1 minute ago We’ve been hearing about Men’s tactical pants for a while now, but they seem to be a bit of a hot commodity these days.

According to a report in The Telegraph, a pair of Men’s shirts are making the rounds, and while the article doesn’t say how much the pair is worth, the story claims that the shirt is worth $200.

The story, which we’ve confirmed with a source, claims that a Men’s shirt sold for $300 at the UK market in February, with the price of the Men’s pants being $100 less.

A pair of the shirts are said to be worth between $50 and $60.

The story also claims that men’s tactical trousers have been making a comeback in recent years, with sales reportedly reaching more than $1 billion in 2015.

Read moreThe story claims the men’s shirt was initially sold in the UK, and that sales increased to a value of $200 in the United States in May 2016.

We contacted the Men.com site and spoke to a spokesperson, who confirmed the story, and confirmed that sales of Men.

Tactical shorts are now being sold at select retail outlets around the world.

“The men’s Tactical Pants are the most popular shorts available, and now we’re seeing some great sales.

We’ve seen a massive increase in sales since the start of the year, and the trend has continued this year with a big uptick in sales,” said a spokesperson for Men’s.com.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.

We’re working hard to provide the best tactical shorts to our customers and look forward to sharing more information soon.”