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Which men’s fashion accessories are most fashionable right now?

The men’s footwear industry has been rocked by a string of fashion faux pas, from the high-end men’s shoe to the low-end shoes.

But now, a new survey has shown that the most popular men’s clothing accessories are men’s hair.

The study found that men’s men’s hairstyles are the most commonly purchased accessories.

Women are also more likely to buy men’s hats, scarves, and scarves.

The survey of 2,300 men’s apparel retailers was conducted in April by research firm Retail Forward.

More than 80 percent of respondents said that men have the most stylish haircuts, and a majority of men surveyed also said that the men’s haircuts have become more fashionable, especially for women.

The study also found that women are more likely than men to buy scarves and hats, and are more willing to spend money on them.

Women, who tend to shop for clothes and accessories more for men than women for women, were more likely (58 percent) to say that the price of their hair was less than men’s, compared with men (47 percent).

Women were also more willing (53 percent) than men (44 percent) and men more willing than women to pay more for other items.

But men are also the most likely to say they buy men in-house haircuts.

Of those who said that they buy their hair in-store, a whopping 89 percent said that their hairstyle was of higher quality, compared to 38 percent of women.

Men were also twice as likely as women to say the men in their hair were “of higher quality” (38 percent versus 19 percent).

Men also are more interested in buying women’s clothing.

Nearly a quarter of men said they would be more likely if they bought women’s clothes, compared, again, to women (24 percent), compared with only 19 percent of men (23 percent).

Men also were more willing, at 79 percent, to spend $50 or more on men’s shirts, compared the men who said they’d rather pay $10 for men’s jeans.

Women were also a little more likely, at 72 percent, than men, to buy a men’s scarf.