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Which of these men are going to take on the men’s rights movement?

In the wake of recent sexual assaults at the hands of male students and men’s advocacy groups, men’s advocates have been scrambling to find solutions to address the issue of sexual assault in the men, women and their families.

The movement has seen the emergence of a new movement called Men’s Rights Activism, which aims to empower men and their allies to take back their communities from the men who prey on them.

Here are the seven most pressing questions that need to be answered:1.

Can men actually do what they claim to be doing?

Can men really be effective leaders in the community when they are constantly told to “just be themselves”?

How is this for the future?2.

Why are we all expected to conform to gender norms?

Is there something inherently wrong with being a man that is not just socially constructed?

What does this have to do with our relationship to one another?3.

Can we truly be the leaders we claim to want to be if we are not willing to change our gender roles?4.

What does it mean to be a man?

Is this the most fundamental, fundamental question that needs to be addressed?5.

What is men’s equality?

If we can’t even address the question of how we can live up to our own ideals of equality, what is the point of being a human being?6.

Why does it feel so good to take down a man who has assaulted you?

Is it because we are supposed to be the protectors of men and women in the world?7.

What do men actually want to accomplish with the Men’s Movement?

What are the questions we need to answer to truly tackle these issues?