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Why we wear sneakers in the office

The shoes you need to wear in the workplace don’t have to be a pair of sneaker-approved Nike Air Max, men’s shoe company Skechers has revealed.

“We want you to look good,” the brand says in a promotional video that’s meant to make you feel at home in the offices of its competitors.

The videos feature a range of sneakers designed to complement the office.

Skechers shoes are designed with the help of expert shoe designers, including Nike, Adidas and Fendi.

They come in a range from black and white to grey, and are available in various sizes and colours.

A spokesperson for Skechers told The Huffington Post UK the company is looking to grow its online presence.

“Skecher shoes have been a key part of our strategy for a number of years,” he said.

“They have become one of the top selling styles of the past decade and we look forward to bringing the same style to our retail stores across the UK.”

Skeches shoe collections include a range in men’s and women’s, as well as a range for men in sports and fitness.

The company said its shoes were created with an emphasis on design, comfort and performance.

“You can get the best in both the men’s athletic shoes and women-only shoes, so we can make the best shoes for you in both environments,” the spokesperson said.

“Men’s shoes are built to last and men can also take their time with the fit of our men’s sneakers to help them maintain the perfect fit and fit over time.

Women’s shoes also give you more comfort and protection.”SKECHERS footwear is also available in men and women.