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Why we’re ranking the top 10 teams in men’s hoops: The top 10 are in order

As of Monday, the top five teams in the men’s college basketball world are: Louisville Cardinals (26-6), Michigan State Spartans (25-7), Wisconsin Badgers (24-7) and Duke Blue Devils (23-8).

They all finished top 10 at least once in 2016-17.

Duke and Michigan State also played each other last season.

The top five also include the University of North Carolina Tar Heels (25) and Florida Gators (24), both of whom have ranked in the top 15 for the last four seasons.

The University of Michigan Wolverines are ranked in first, as are the top three teams from South Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

The other teams in that group are Alabama, LSU, Texas, TCU and West Virginia.

The top five are in the ESPN.com Top 25.

The rankings are taken by ESPN.ESPN.com’s Jeff Goodman covers college basketball and sports and the SEC.